My fee is in line with other psychologists with commensurate training and education. I do maintain some designated slots for low-fee patients, those who cannot afford psychoanalytic treatment without fee adjustment. I am happy to address questions about the fee in our initial consultation.


Ideally, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy take place between a therapist and a patient without the intrusion of any outside party. This allows for the greatest flexibility and leaves the treatment decisions up to the patient and the therapist.

I do not participate with any insurance company panel. I have a number of reasons for this:

  • Confidentiality is compromised when filing with insurance because a third party is involved in treatment.
  • Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis for reimbursement or payment for psychotherapy, one they deem sufficient for payment.
  • Insurance companies can dictate the type of treatment they believe is correct without knowing you, the patient. (See the article "What is the Evidence for 'Evidence-Based' Therapy?" in the Resources section of my website for information about how insurance companies assess treatments.)
  • Insurance companies can and do determine when and how treatment should take place, including the ending, regardless of the opinions or expertise of the patient or therapist.
If use of insurance is necessary, I am considered an "out of network" provider, meaning you would pay directly and receive reimbursement from your respective insurance company (please check with your insurance company for their guidelines). I will provide a "super-bill" containing all the required information for you to submit your claim directly to your insurance.

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